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Finally, a simple tool for telling visual stories on the Web.

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Create responsive, mobile first stories that look great on any device.

Quickly build stories from images and text using our intuitive editor.

Customize stories for both portrait and landscape modes.

Embed your stories on your Website or Blog.

Fabulam Individual

Perfect for journalists, photographers, artists and storytellers everywhere.

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$49 per month

Fabulam Publisher

A powerful platform for publishers, institutions and organizations.

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$49 per month

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  • Multiple users
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What is Fabulam?

Fabulam is a platform for building simple visual stories. Fabulam stories are made up of text and image slides that you tap, swipe or click to navigate.

How can I create a Fabulam story?

Fabulam stories are built using our story editor. You can try a demo of our editor at

Which aspect ratios does Fabulam support?

Fabulam allows you to select the aspect ratio and crop of an image in both portrait and landscape mode. For example, you can select an aspect ratio of 9:16 in portrait mode and an aspect ratio of 4:3 in landscape. This way your stories always look great across a range of devices.

Does Fabulam use AMP?

No. AMP is a visual story format developed by Google. Fabulam stories are AMP-like but Fabulam does not currently use or integrate with AMP.

Do Fabulam stories work on desktops?

Yes. Fabulam stories can be consumed on mobile or desktop devices. Part of the rationale behind Fabulam was to build a platform that would allow both mobile and desktop experiences.

Can I embed Fabulam stories on my Website or Blog?

Yes. Any Fabulam story can be embedded into a webpage that allows the iframe tag.

Do Fabulam stories support video?

No. Fabulam does not currently support video in stories, just text and images.